Our Mission and Vision

For over 25 years Educators Financial Group has helped thousands of retirees build a sound financial foundation and protect their retirement savings. Our team can assist you with a personalized plan, tools and support to navigate your individual retirement roadmap. With strategies in place to protect, preserve and grow your money, planning for future income will be enhanced. We have the tools to evaluate underperforming assets and solutions to improve your situation, including reducing and/or eliminating fees. Watching your money grow while maintaining safety of principal can really add peace of mind to your
overall plan.


Safety First is the primary goal at Educators Financial Group. Since we are an independent agency, our clients have the advantages of the latest account evaluation tools, best solutions for growth with safety and income planning. Safety First gives you the absolute freedom to protect your retirement savings.


At Educators Financial Group our team will keep it simple and easy to understand. Financial decisions can be complicated, so our aim is to create a practical plan presented in an uncomplicated manner. We listen to you to gain understanding of your goals and objectives. We believe a simple approach is the best way to help you understand how everything works.


The complex needs of all retirees require an advisor working with them who will listen, strategize, explain and inspire them to build a sound financial foundation to protect their retirement savings. Retirees have unique planning needs, including the need to balance the safety of their principal and grow their assets with the rest of their sometimes-complex financial picture.

Meet Lori Bennett

As a financial professional, Lori Bennett sees the lifelong impact of retirement planning—or lack of planning—every day. A Houstonian for more than 30 years, she has served the needs of Texans for 25 of those years, and feels blessed to have helped so many families plan for the retirement they work their whole lives to achieve.

Lori founded Educators Financial Group in 1994, initially working with 43 public school districts. Due to client demand, she expanded her firm’s expertise to include federal employee benefits and individual retirement planning. Through extensive training, Lori has mastered the intricacies of pension planning and employer sponsored benefits—both while working and in retirement.

“We started helping a select group of employees who found themselves two to five years from retirement,” Lori says. “We wanted to help them face their future with anticipation…instead of apprehension.”

Educators and federal employees have unique planning needs, she explains. Both groups need to balance their exceptional government benefits with the rest of their sometimes-complex financial picture.

“Our goal is simple – helping our clients to make smart choices about their money and to feel confident about their decisions. I’m proud that as a leading financial services firm in Texas, we have partnered with the industry’s leading companies to provide competitive products and top-notch service for our clients.”

Lori and her staff have created and refined a client process they call The Home Stretch Solution. “We guide each client, whether a federal employee, educator or individual, through this process to help them plan a sound financial future,” she says.

Lori is happily married to Dallas, her husband of 28 years. She enjoys living close to her daughter, Victoria, and her family, and is involved in many activities with her two grandsons. The family vacations and volunteers in their community together. Lori also enjoys spending time with friends and being involved in the creative arts scene in Houston.

Our Team Approach

Educators Financial Group includes a full administration staff as well as highly-trained professionals with specialized expertise in federal employee benefits, public employee benefits, and retirement and financial planning. Together we have more than 75 years of combined experience that we put to work for you and your family.